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So I dont know how many of  you couples out there get your pictures taken very often. My hubby and I have been married almost 17 years and we have had family pictures taken numerous times…. we have usually had one or two taken of just the two of us.  However I am so worried about keeping an eye on my kids or stressing about everyones melt downs that I didnt ever get one that showed us and our relationship.  Let’s face it family pictures are usually not the most fun and exciting thing for everyone to agree to and be happy about it.  As I looked back on so many pictures of me and the kids or my husband and the kids I started to feel sad that I dont have very many of just Brian and I.  Last fall I had the wonderful Terra Cooper take our family pics and once again snuck in some of just us. (wish I would have done more but honestly I would have had to do some serious begging to get Brian to agree)  Sooooooo here is where you get to benefit!! Come book a quick 20 in session just you and your sweetie pie! I promise to make it quick and painless for all you guys!! Let me capture just YOU and your honey buns whether you have been married for 6 years or 60 I think it is a great reminder of why you love each other so much!!! Here is a recent session I did and because of the cold I think we only shot for 10 min (my fingertips were numb after that and not too useful)  I LOVE how it turned out!! So excited to show you what Kristi has in store for her pics!!!

Here are the details!!

$150 gets you a 20 min session and 10 images on a disc

$250 add 10 more images on a disc and a 24×30 wrapped canvas print

$350 add 2 10×10 wrapped canvas prints

This is what I did above my bed with the pictures of me and my hubby I LOVE IT!!! Although in true man fashion his response was “why are there so many pictures of us we know what we look like?” When will he ever understand??

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