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Some of you may know my husband has a website Tried and Tru. He reviews all kinds of things from machetes to

sporks, being the girl that I am I don’t get too excited about camping and man stuff, don’t get me wrong it’s great

but just doesnt make me want to go buy it. This product however is awesome!! I so wish we had it on our cruises,

disneyland, switzerland and rome trips!! I HATE fanny packs and backpacks are just too heavy and bulky. The

RUNNUR is so light weight you hardly know you have it on. It holds all your cash or credit cards right at your

chest so no worries of having money stolen out of your purse or backpack. It has a spot for just about everything.

Your cell phone, sunglasses, water bottle, camera etc. Spring is here and I know lots of people are taking trips so

click here to purchase yours now!!

Reserve your spot today email me at aliciakinne@gmail.com Sessions will

take place mid to late April

This cute couple have been married for 15 years YAY congrats!! I thought it was so fun that they had pics taken together. How often do we as parents just take pictures of the two of us. I know for us most of the time it is my hubby and the kids, occasionally me and the kids cuz really who it going to take the picture besides your kids. lol Great idea to celebrate your years together!!

These two were so cute and so good!! There was a lot of wrangling involved but not as much as I

expected! Man 1 year olds are super fast! So fun to see how much personality they have and be able

to capture it in images.

My sister company Organic Baby is running a promo come and

check it out and like the page for updates on promos casting calls

and to view the sweetest little ones!!!!!

Cute Miss M

March 7, 2011

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