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Three of my favorite little goblins!!!

These boys are just darling and they are such a great family. What a fun shoot.

These kids are too cute for words so I will let their pics do the talking!

What a fun family this is. There kids are so cute!! We did this session on two separate days and boy were the colors so amazing last saturday I hope the storm didn’t take all the leaves off the trees. And by the way NANNER NANNER Scott I caught you smiling…… once! Thanks for letting me spend time with you all.

This is a fabulous friend of mine from high school. Wow has it really been that long!! They came up for a visit and I got to have a little time with them. Such darling girls and what a beautiful day. Even though they had their coats on in 70 degree weather. That is how you roll when you are from Arizona

I am pretty sure they were laughing at me… Eddie Munster…. enough said!  Love how this turned out!

I was thrilled  to be asked by Emily Aspitlle of True Beauty to take some eyelash extension shots.  What a fun shoot it was and look how amazing her eyelashes are!!

I also was able to experience first hand Emily’s service.  I have gotten eyelash extensions from her and a brow tint and wax.  I cant wait to do some facial treatments soon.  Emily has fabulous customer service and provides a wonderful professional relaxing atmosphere.  She is such a warm and calm person and put me right at ease.  I absolutely love my lashes I never have to wear mascara some days I don’t even put on make-up at all.

Emily is a Master Esthetician and  a certified Novalash Eylelash Extension Artist.

You will not be disappointed!! Call to schedule an appointment with her!  801-390-3459 Looking for a great christmas gift for your mom, wife or sister? She also sells gift certificates who wouldn’t love to be pampered for the holidays??

I just adore this family. Darling Mom, Dad and Kids inside and out. Love the colors she picked I think I may need to hire her as a fashion consultant! We did get a good shot of Brody, I love that you can still see moms hand at the bottom of his pic. This boy is attached at the hip. I am so tickled that mom is going to blow up the pic of him in the previous post. We are not perfect and neither are our kids, that image well describes a time in his life that he just can’t live without his momma! Those are the kind of memories I love to be able to preserve. Thanks guys for allowing me to photography your family!

Thank you Brody for demonstrating how I have felt SEVERAL times this last week. I think I just may start doing this maybe people will shape up and listen lol…. or I might get sent on an all expense paid  vacation at the looney bin for some much needed R & R!!

Lions and Tigers and Gnats OH MY… sooooo we did this shoot at memory grove in Salt Lake. I have never seen a sea of gnats like that in my life. We were eating them picking them out of our hair, eyes and lip gloss. Luckily we found a decent spot that they were not swarming. This family was a crack up. It is always nice to do sessions with people who have such a fun sense of humor and can go with the flow. With 2 busy two year old you really don’t have a choice though lol. Oh and I just have to point out this is my 3rd post in one day AMAZING huh I am finally caught up…. until tomorrow.This little guy was WAY more interested in getting a sucker than having his pictures taken.  He had so much energy I wish I had some!

What a fun family!! These guys were so relaxed and easy to shoot, not to mention all the cute kiddos!  The night ended with a fun surprise, thanks for letting me be a part of it.

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