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What a cute and fun couple! It was super windy during their session and I was so glad that it didn’t rain. Looking forward to Bridals and their wedding. It was so great to meet you both.

So I love this session!!! These are some of the out takes. This is REAL life. Everyone loves a perfect portrait of their family (including myself) but this was fun to shoot and edit. How often do we forget the quirky little things our kids do or how stubborn or goofy they can be. This mom wanted the pics of what was really going on. We did get some cute ones too but these are too fun to look at.

One of my all time favorite pictures!!

Want to do last minute Back to school minis? 10 images on a disc for $100.00 20 min session up to 3 kids. 4-6 kids need 2 session times. Must be immediate family only. Newborn or toddler session not included. This special is for kiddos headed to school. All photos will be taken at this location. Contact me via email aliciakinne@gmail.com Sessions will take place Aug 24 & 25 5:30-7:30

So I have had several people ask me in the past to help them use their DLSR.  Whether you want to take better pictures of your kids or are starting out a business this may be for you.  I am doing an introductory price for 1 on 1 mentoring sessions. I learn best hands on and want to share what has taken me a while to learn.  I am offering 3 different categories of mentoring.  You can pick one or all three.  You can choose from 1. learning how to shoot in manual with your dslr. This will include learning about ISO, shutter speed, aperture, etc.  Also included with this class is lighting techniques.  2. A mock photo shoot I will provide the models and you can see how a session is done as well as take pictures with your own camera. This will be very hands on we will be discussing posing, lighting and working with different subjects  3.  Photoshop class.  Learning how to make the most out of your images.  Images can be transformed in a matter of minutes.  This will include using actions, fixing blemishes, getting familiar with photoshop.  If you are already advanced in photoshop this is probably not for you.  You will need to at least own photoshop elements 7 or higher.

Okay so there it is, now I am sure you would like to know the cost…. well I am opening it up to the first 5 people at a discounted rate.  Remember this is one on one mentoring you get to personalize the time to what you are most interested on.  If you choose one class the fee is $100.00 pick two for $150.00 and all three for $200.00

After this introductory price the fees will be as follows.  One class $150.00 two classes $225.00 all three $375.00

I am also considering doing group classes in the future.  Please email me asap I have 2 spots taken already aliciakinne@gmail.com

Of course I need to share some pics so here are some examples of what you can learn with photoshop.  The first image is sooc (straight out of camera) and the second is after a few changes in photoshop!

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