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This is my cute sister-in-law and my adorable nieces and nephews. I dont know what I would do with out her. I don’t have any sisters of my own I am so grateful for her and her friendship. It has so fun to raise our kids together and share all the joys and craziness!!

We FINALLY got together with this senior the weather really didnt want us to get these done. Glad the snow stopped and the sun came out. Congrats Zane I wish you the best!

He wears this in honor of his grandpa who is a cancer survivor. Very cool.

Well I finally decided it was time to update my own kids pictures!! Man does it make me remember how much of a struggle moms go through to get this done. The clothes, the place, the hair, the fighting and bribery ugh makes me tired just typing it!! So thanks to all you moms (and Dads) who get your memories captured I know sometimes it is not fun but well worth the effort! Sooooo here are my kiddos, I am so thrilled the way they turned out. This is part of my mothers day present this year!

My hubby thought it was a little rude to take a picture without him, but really I am hardly EVER in any pictures with my kids. We love love love him!! He just wasnt there and a friend took this for me I do need some proof I was their mother right??

This was so funny and a little mean I might add lol she was a good sport and it made for great pictures!! Congrats to you both!!

What a fun family. This is the Aunt and Uncle of a dear friend of mine. Needless to say boys hate to get their pictures taken… I have yet to figure it out. They were good sports. I love the last picture I told them to all look at someone else and Dad was looking way far away. I said “okay W what who are you looking at?” He said “Those people over there you told us to look at someone else” lol So funny they all started to crack up. I guess I need to be more clear “Look at some one else in your OWN family” haha it was funny. What a great family.


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