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Cody & Brianne got hitched last weekend and had quite a party!! Congrats to you both here are her Bridals!


February 24, 2010

So every now and then I feel a little crafty…. I have been trying to find a new purse and since I am so FRUGAL I refuse to pay a lot for a purse. I found this one at T.J.MAXX for $16. Which is probably the most I would ever pay. It was pretty plain so I decided to add some funk to it. $7.00 more to add the flowers (I have a ton of fabric left to make lots more) and I found this way cute key chain at a consignment store ($6) that I love love love, you can also put it on a necklace. I go through spurts of wanting to make stuff stayed tuned for some cute bedroom ideas that I have been working on.


February 15, 2010

This cute couple are getting married!! It was a dang chilly day but I was soooo glad it decided to stop raining for just the right amount of time! Here is your sneak peek cant wait to do your Bridals!

So last Saturday a fab photog friend and I ventured to a studio lighting workshop. We learned some things and headed over to Ikea (along with a million other people) and I got a super cute new chair can’t wait to try it out!! We could not go down south and pass by  IN-N-OUT burger without stopping by for some yummy lunch!! Plus said friend had never been there. Well everyone must have followed us from Ikea because it was packed!! We got ours to go and headed home! Too bad I was stuffing my face to fast while I was driving and spilled animal sauce TWICE all over my new shirt GRRRRRR but it was worth it! Thanks Marissa you are a blast to hang out with! Next time I am definitely taking a pic of you outside with a paper hat on!!

Now here is a fun shot I got at the workshop!

A little late!

February 11, 2010

I took these pics last year and completely spaced putting them up. I went to High School in arizona with this Dad and funny enough we both end up living in Davis County!! He has a wonderful wife and 2 darling girls! Thanks for letting me take your pics!!

Little Rascals

February 1, 2010

These two cousins cracked me up!! Such smart handsome boys! Poor Ollie was getting bothered by my stuff all over the floor and kept cleaning it up. How do you train your 2yr old to do that?? Happy Birthday to Carter!! What darling boys they were thanks for bringing them up.

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