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We have the best families that live around us I know I say that a lot but it is true. I adore this mom!! I dont know what it is but my last 4 sessions of the year all have had the most beautiful eyes these kids are so dang cute!!

Mr. “G” Q

My youngest has a crush on Ms. K every time we see her he says “mom K is so pretty huh?

I feel like I just barely took this handsome boys newborn pics they grow so fast!! I love his hair!!

I could go on and on gushing about this family! What a wonderful example of loving, kind, & genuine family. (And also beautiful… they all have such gorgeous eyes) I have never met anyone sweeter than their mom and you can feel the love they have for one another any time you are around them. We are so blessed to be surrounded by families like theirs. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to spend some time with you and your darling family.

Last night I had the fun opportunity to take pictures for a Jr. High Softball team. Man was there A LOT of girls they were so fun. I know I have said this before but C’MON how do these girls look like this… they are all so stinkin beautiful. I should post a picture of myself in Jr. High on here just to give everyone a huge laugh. Then you might understand what I mean. Here are a few it will take me a while to get to all of them but I promise I will put one of every girl on here. Thanks girls for making it so fun.

Little Miss K was in no mood for pictures…..but she was so darling! Every time I would try to get a shot of her she would quickly race toward me. She would sit and play with me but not let me take her picture. It was getting chilly, she was a trooper. I love the look she was giving me totally shows her personality and her cute pouty lips!! Here are a few for mom and dad. It was great to meet you.

I really like the chocolate color.. which do you like better?

This is my cutie patootie daughter and her darling friend!! I recently got these pettiskirts and needed to try them out! I just love Ms. M she is so funny and nice and darling!! She is not so much a girly girl so I think she is just humoring me. But she looks so dang cute! And for my daughter she needs M to teach her the serious face….B just couldn’t do it and if she tried she still looked like she was smiling! So funny!

My husband basically grew up with Rodney, they have lots of stories to tell of all the dumb things boys do!! We go married within two weeks of each other too! Fun to see how there family has grown. I give you one guess who was NOT feeling the love that day!! Dad finally got some smiles out of him though!

These fun Best Friends wanted to get pictures taken before one of them moves away! They are so darling and we had lots of fun! Thanks to you both.

I am officially booked until next year. I am starting a list of people to call in case there is any
cancellations so email me if you are interested. I may also open up a day in November to do mini
sessions but need to wait and see. I am starting a list of people that are interested in that as well.


I have decided that starting in 2010 I am only taking 3 clients a month and 6 weddings a year.
Being so busy the last 3 months has really taken a toll on my family. Being a mom and a wife is the
most important job and I have and I don’t want to look back with any regrets.
That being said if you are interested in newborn or milestone photos please contact me as soon as
possible to reserve your date. I am so blessed to be able to love my work, thanks to my family for
being so supportive and putting up with me being so busy lately.
I got the opportunity to photograph this great family again I can’t believe their little boy is already one!! These boys eyes are ridiculously gorgeous. I did not enhance them one bit! Thanks so much D family you are all adorable!

Here is more of darling Mr. D. His big sister is so hilarious we bribed her with every thing we could imagine!! Grandma even made her bacon! We finally convinced her to get a few.

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