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This my dear crazy friend and her family (when I say crazy I mean in a fun good way) she always makes me laugh so hard. She was so stressing out about clothes and she obviously did a fabulous job!!

I had to put this one purely for laughs there is a inside joke that goes along with this pic!

Okay so not to seem as though I liked Mr. K pics better I just had to prove that I did get some good ones even though we had a rough start. I made the HUGE mistake of asking him if he had a girlfriend and he took a long time to forgive me!

How fun is it to have 4 boys and then get a precious baby girl!! Oh the clothes and accessories this girl has!! I just died over her feather clip on her hat… the cutest thing I have ever seen. I am so tickled for them what a sweet addition to their beautiful family. Thank you so much for letting me take her pictures…. and hold her and feed her and snuggle her lol.

One of my very best friends from High School in arizona brought her darling family up for a visit. We had a great time with them. Of course as soon as we left to take pictures it started pouring rain… luckily if you don’t like the weather in utah wait a minute it always changes. It was so fun to have them stay with us for a couple of days.

This is his “do you have a girlfriend?” look… so handsome

I went to lunch with a great photog friend today (check out her stuff here she is awesome) and realized I never put these pics of her most adorable little man on here. We were messing around with our kids that day. Isn’t he the cutest!! Thanks Melissa for your friendship so glad we met!

Just an example of a fun holiday card…. you don’t have to have a generic card, let me custom create one for you. Time is running out get your photo session done before the busy holidays. Contact me soon to book your session I am planning on taking the month of november off and october is filling up fast.

YAY for relaxing vacations!!

September 14, 2009

I will be unavailable until Monday Sept 21st. If you need to get a hold of me leave me an email I will respond when we get back!!

This is my sister in law and her family, I love them so much and so grateful to her and her friendship! Crazy day… it had been cloudy all day so we decided to go early for pictures and wouldn’t you know it as soon as we got there the sun came and never left!! Add allergies and the blazing heat on top of that and all the kids were done before we started. We did get some cute ones though. I really am trying to get them done soon but here are a few of them.

Love this little girl such a spitfire!!

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