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These cute cousins had their pictures taken and man were these boys busy!! Darling little “S” was perfectly poised for her session! If I could have only climbed in the swampy water to get these boys attention. They were so busy throwing stuff in the water both moms gave such effort to get them to look in my direction at least we pulled it off for a few!! Here is your sneak peek!!

Happy Fathers Day!!

June 21, 2009

Happy Fathers Day Brian!! We love you so much! Thank you for being such a wonderful father to our children. I am so grateful to my Heavenly Father for you! I am so grateful for the father that you are. You are loving and kind and teach our children how to be wonderful people. You have a love of the gospel and lead our home in a way that shows us that. I am grateful for all the time you spend with the each of our children to make them feel special and loved. Thank you for all of your hard work to take care of us!! We love you!!

Shout out to all the Dads on Fathers day! Have a great Day!
Miss L was quite shy when we started our session… she finally warmed up and became a super model!! She is such a doll and started to love every minute of it. We did discover she has a fear of heights lol hopefully she doesn’t hold it against me that I scared her. Happy 4th Birthday!

These three sisters are all so beautiful and sweet. Dad better prepare himself now for what is to come in 10+ years. He better own a big gun lol! This is such a sweet family. 
These pics are a great idea to have on a large wall in your home. They come mounted and ready to hang no frames needed. You can order them 20×20 or 16×16 they are big and fabulous. I will post a picture of mine in my home soon so you can see how great they look.

What a great time Melissa and I had at this wedding! They had it at the movie theatre so we got some cool shots. They had an awesome photo-booth instead of a guest book what a great idea huh? Everyone took 4 pics of themselves and then put those in a book with a note to the bride and groom. They served hot pretzels and cheese too! It is fun to go to wedding that are more personal and creative. I just love A’s family! Lot of fun and laughs…like when magically the brides flip flop that she wore with her street clothes smuggled itself under her dress and made it through the entire trip down the isle! Right before the ceremony was over it came out from under her dress! A didn’t even skip a beat! Thanks so much for letting me be a part of your blessed wedding!

 A’s sister Jen is so much fun I got lots of pictures of her hamming it up!

So cute they put their names in the marquee all night long as a special premier.

Okay so I am pretty behind on editing!  A& L had the greatest wedding!  So much fun with so many awesome things.  They got married at the movies!!!  Well sort of it was in a reception hall above the movies!! How fun.  Just a sneak peek… lots more to come!

This little guy was so sweet.  He was even 4 weeks old and slept like a champ.  He just was not very bendy, he is a super strong baby.  Jen and Mike here is your sneak peek thanks for bringing him by.

So here is a really mini sneak peek.  This mom is just so beautiful inside and out!!  I adore her and her family.  She is convinced that she is not photogenic so I had to prove it to her.  Look how beautiful! Plus I wanted her to see the difference in processing.  I will post more soon.  They had me come to their house which I LOVE it has the warmest most welcoming feeling!! Thanks so much you guys!

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