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I love visiting the hospitals and seeing such brand spanking new babies! So new and tiny and cuddly. They grow so so fast in those few days to weeks. I offer hospital mini sessions for those clients who dont quite want the full birth story but want to capture those first few days of life. Contact me to schedule your hospital session aliciakinne@gmail.com

  There are just some of those clients that I connect with and immediatley feel like I have known them for a while.  My birth story families always seem to be like that and this fabulous family is no exception.  Mom was so funny and LOVED the epidural. I think she would have been fine with just  a drop of meds lol.   This baby is so very much loved!! It is always so great to be able to experience a baby birth and just observe all the love and care in that room.  Watching a sweet husband so concerned for his wife and new baby, a mom excited and nervous for her baby girl experiencing this great blessing of giving birth.  Baby Owen had his own plans and after much anticipation it was decided to do a C-Section.  I was extremely grateful to the hospital and Dr. for allowing me in the OR room.  Poor mom was so knocked out from the nerve block and working so hard to get baby here she passed right out once she knew baby Owen was here safely.
There is nothing greater than witnessing a new life come into this world!  I love photography of all kinds but birth stories are just so sacred and special. Thank you Howell family for allowing me to enjoy a piece of your life! I have to add I have never seen a more bright eyed and alert baby he was just looking all around so peacfully taking it all in!

If you are interested in Birth Photography and live in the Salt Lake City Utah area please email me at aliciakinne@gmail.com or visit www.aliciakinnephotography.com for more information.

First I just must say how much I love my job.  Waiting and capturing a new baby is just the best!! This family was so amazing. Mom is my new hero. She was nearly 2 weeks past her due date she finally went into labor in the wee hours of the morning.  She should have babies for a living because she made it look so easy with out any medication at all, and looking beautiful the entire time.   Baby O was born with a great set of lungs 😉 and blessed with a beautiful family!  Congrats on the new baby boy I wish you all the happiness in the world!

One of my most favorite pictures of all time can you just imagine what big brother is telling him?….. And all the things he will tell him… what a cutie!!

McKell had some spring senior pics done last year and decided she wanted to do some more this year since she has changed so much… I really did’nt think so until I looked at hers from last year. She was so beautiful then and was shocked to see how much older she looks still just as beautiful inside and out!! Love ya Mckell so excited for the next chapter in your life!!!

(These are from 2011)


This is Mckell this year so crazy how fast kids grow up!!

I have been lucky enough to be at 2 out of 3 of Emily’s births.  I love my nephews so much and admire Emily, she is such an amazing mom of 3 boys.  I truly love my job.  Nothing like seeing these beautiful babies come into this world to loving families.   Welcome baby Broox!! I normally edit my birth stories in B&W but really liked the color photos this time.  Stay tuned for a mini hospital session and attempting to take brother pictures.

Such a sweet precious baby who has an amazing family! They were so excited to have E in their family.

Changes are in the air

February 16, 2012

As I have said in my last post I have decided to change the direction of my photography this year. Follow my passion and my love.  I LOVE babies and I love the experience of witnessing a the true miracle of birth.  What an incredible sacred event it is.  This is whyI have decided to focus on birth photography.  Because of the unpredictible nature of deliveries I will still do newborns and babies on a limited basis and  family sessions twice a year .  I am following my heart and I hope you can help me with my passion. I have thought long and hard about this and it feels right for me. Please let friends and family know that might be interested in documenting your babies first few experiences in life and capture the joy of your growing family.  There will be fun along the way too stayed tuned for some contests and specials coming soon.

Last year I also had the incredible opportunity to photograph sweet Ali’s short time on this earth.  Ali has changed so many things for me, she will always hold a special place inside my heart.  I have know about an organization for several years and was just too scared to volunteer. Ali helped me see the love and comfort this organization can bring.  I am now an affiliate photographer for Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep.  If you are interested in helping, donating or learning more please click HERE  I have been able to meet several angel babies and their families already.   What special children and parents they are and I learn so much each time I meet them.   I am grateful for the ability I have been given and the opportunity to share with others.    There is a huge need in the Salt Lake area for photographers if you have the means to sign up you will not regret it.  My mom had a huge LOVE for babies too, if there ever was a baby around she was holding them. I like to think that as I see their families say thier goodbyes to their little ones, my mom is on the other side giving them a big hug welcoming them home again.  I have been able to feel the love our Heavenly Father has for each one of his precious children.  I am so appreciative of the wonderful friendships I get to have through photography I am excited for this new chapter and am so thankful to all of you who have helped me along the way.  And because I can’t have a post without a picture enjoy this chubby happy guy!!

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