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This darling family came from out of town and I am so glad they called me!! What cute personalities thier boys had!! So much fun!

This cute little gal had is having her first birthday!! She was such a hoot… such a loved girl! I just love fall time and the light never disapoints me.  I love this location because of that despite the millions of mosquitos buzzing EVERYWHERE!! Man I hate those things! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY “P”!

This guy is such a heart breaker!! I cant believe how fast a year goes, seems like I just did his newborn session. Love this cute family and Mr. K has the most amazing blue eyes. Watch out girls of the world in 12 years!!!

Miss K was not having any of picture taking the first go around, mom brought her back and she was so happy. It helped that we happen to be puppy sitting that day too! She is such a doll, she had the most darling expressions. Mom here is your sneek peek thanks for bringing her over…. twice lol.

This is one of my cute nephew’s he was so funny!! I need to still edit his cake pictures he was terrified by the cake he did not want to have anything to do with it. I wish I was afraid of cake lol! I will post those soon.

Just finished editing “K” pics and couldn’t help but put this one on it made me laugh!!

This guy was so cute!! Again another boy with beautiful eyes and long eyelashes. He sucks his fingers and holds on to his ear is was adorable and look at his feet in every picture… he wraps them around themselves and the truck too cute!!

oh yeah GO UTES!!!
Another one of my Bash winners fun little twin girls. Boy oh boy {or maybe I should say girl oh girl lol} getting both to stay still, look at me, and keep their bows on was a job for mom, dad and me! Aren’t they so cute!

I can’t decide if I like the full color or this one better.

This is one of my all time favorite pictures!!

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